The web site currently meets The W3C Web Accessibility Initiative Level A Compliance.

The site has been created with accessibility in mind by using W3C standards and recommendations. As such, has the following features:

Users can change the size of the text that is displayed, by adjusting it within the browser menu. For Internet Explorer users, select View > Text Size and then choose the size. For Mozilla/Netscape users, select View > Text Size and then ‘increase’ or ‘decrease’.

The site is fully accessible by text readers, screen readers and browsers that have JavaScript turned off.

The site has been made as accessible as possible by using language that the widest possible audience can understand, and never relying on colour as the sole means of communicating a message.

Text equivalents have been provided where necessary for imagery throughout the site.

Flash content has text and graphical alternatives.

Tables are used for displaying data, not as a means to layout content.